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Manufacture Configurations

Manufacture Configurations

"Manufacturing Configurators”  Xiertek Group® is so named because in the past 20+ years, Xiertek Industrial Group® had helped over thousand of companies develope, manufacture, and source better quality at more profitable products. With over 20+ years experience in product development, manufacturing, and direct sourcing, we have established a complete manufacturing line that can meet almost any of today’s industrial production requirements.  Xiertek now may apply its knowledge to a variety of product processes to adequately save cost and enhance products' added value.  By looking into the future Xiertek can be a very valuable partner to you. 

I. What We will Do for you?                                                                      

  • Service: Xiertek can help you develop your product ideas from start to finish. We provide engineering design services, quick-turn prototyping, packing design, price for proposal, free estimated quotation, low cost manufacturing options and logistical support. We can tailor our services to fit your specific needs for all industrial hardware products. 

  •  Product Designs: Xiertek can provide you with solutions to design. We are able to turn a vague definition of a consumer desire into the hard engineering numbers that we use to set the measurable goals for a successful product design effort. We work closely with our client and help provide them with solid concepts and ideas.

  • Product Development: Xiertek can help you turn your product idea into a reality - whether the idea is to launch a brand new product or to simply pick up and enhance an existing product. Either way, Xiertek can be the launching pad to bring new or updated products to market quickly.

  • Product Sourcing: Our world wide product sourcing service is aimed at increasing your sales. We have built strong alliances over the years with many different factories and business throughout the Orient. This is the difference when it comes down to cost and our ability to perform for you, our customer.

  • Import Logistic: We provide our customers with integrated combinations of all elements of the international import & export logistics process. We strive to anticipate the needs of our customers and to create efficient & economical solutions based on their unique needs.

  • Quality Control: All products developed by Xiertek will go through a rigorous quality control process before any shipments are made. The quality control standards are based on your requirements and engineering specifications. This helps make sure you get exactly what you want.

  • Step by Step: Xiertek understands when developing a new product that many questions will arise. We offer our customers a proven step-by-step plan, which will save time and money. This will give you the ability to strategically plan and market effectively.

  • Low Cost: Xiertek are dedicated to providing the most cost effective options for your product development needs. We recognize that to develop a new product there are certain upfront investments that must be made. Our goal is to minimize these costs in order to allow you more flexibility in your financial plans.

  • Free Consultation: We can provide you with a general overview of the production process at no charge.  Our brief price quotation is absolutely FREE!  It will give you a reference point in which you can make an intelligent decision on what it will take to move your project forward. 


II. Service & Customer Cares

1. The ID Team:Our ID Team (Industrial Design) had developed the 3D functionality to run a router, drill, or other mechanical tool.  Customers are now using it for a wide variety of jobs ranging from CNC drilling and routing to the application of adhesives on computer & electronic  components. Quick Turn deliveries start with 3D CAD Data. For most cases our ID team will evaluate  your DWG ( product in drawing), discuss, and analyze with our engineering dept.  A detailed quotation list, including material, weight, type of P/M processing and estimated time in finishing will submit a price quotation within 24 to 48 hrs.  We support and work with the following designing data systems:

  • Solidworks 2004-present.
  • ProE, 2D, 3D Newest & update version,
  • AutoCad Inventor & Mechanical Desktop.
  • Corel Drawing
  • Photo shop, Version 7.0 or higher
  • Most other 3D packages software.

2. The RapidTeam/Prototype Sampling

Time = Money! We understand you need high quality, precision fabrications, and fast service. No excuses. Our Rapid Team can submit your Prototypes sample within average 5-7 working days. For some Extremely RUSH requests we can accomplish it within 2-3 working days.

Our Rapid Team can help you turn your product idea into a reality.  Our  Engineering Team consists exclusively of seasoned sheet metal pro's from the production world. Xiertek's Engineers, Designers, and Prototype specialists have an average of 10+ years of experience and are able to finish the price quote for initial prototype need with 24hrs.   We have the knowledge to fabricate Complex Cabinetry and Assemblies with intricate and accurate bends, and delicate welding by using in CNC or Laser Cutting machine . Xiertek  is a strictly prototype/short run precision sheet metal fabricator.  For example, we fabricate custom Brackets, Panels, Chassis, Enclosures, Wieldment, Frames, Assemblies, Covers in many varieties, Printed Circuit Board Cages, plating, and other precision sheet metal parts for housing of PCMCIA and networking product. Those prototype samples can be done within or less then 5 working days. Help us help you!  We want your 3D files at time of quote. 

III. The P/M Process

Our “Product Manufacturing Process” is a completely efficient and effective manufacturing line. It is efficient in 4 big categories for all manufacture alternatives.  We are specializing in 6 major parts of P/M process. For mess production or as we call it, “progressive tooling” or “open tooling”, include “ Press & Stamping”, “Die casting, Extrusion”, and “Cutting machine (Wire or Wireless)”. Furthermore, most of our prototype sampling is made with “Laser or CNC”. Those are in a wide range of production fields for today’s manufacture needs, especially where odd shapes and unique composites are required for all computer, electronic, industrial, and automotive parts.

1. Press and Stamping Process (Mess Production / Open Tooling)

Stamping Tool & Capability.   In the Stamping Process tooling costs increase as thickness increases i.e. more tool wear and maintenance. Different sets of tools need to be manufactured for different thickness.

Pressing Tool & Capability.   Our presses do not punch out shapes from solid metal. A gravity feed fills a die with the powder metal and an upper and lower punch forms the shape. Pressed metal parts are less dense than stamped parts. They are hardened into solid parts in the subsequent sintering process. If a customer has requested a different thickness for his part, we would adjust the height between the upper and lower punch in our presses to change the thickness of the part. Tooling costs do not change as long as the outer and inner diameters do not change.

Thickness Ability.   Normally, all stamping technology has limited ability when the sheet is 1/4” thick or more. However, our exclusive technology on the press and stamping process is more advanced and more efficient for thickness capability. We can handle the thickness from 0.005 inch (0.15mm) to o.078 inch (1.2mm) or greater.

2. Casting & Extrusion Process: (For Mess Production with Open Tooling

We competitively provide the same volumes in Die Casting and Extrusion with high speed presses,molds to meet various production needs.

Casting Tool & Capability.  Multiple molds are required in casting, punching, and surface and appearance treatment for aluminum and   steel extrusion type process products. 

Extrusion Tool & Capability.  Extrusion are the newer technology for some precision needs. Net shapes are formed in one step in our   powder metal press for Extrusion needs . More alloys are available through the utilization of the Extrusion process as compared to the casting. This is a good process metal powder material such as Galvaneal & Galvinized CRS as it is capable of handling the ultimate thickness and capabilities.

3. Cutting/Drilling Process.

    A common application is the use of many cutting machines, including Plasma cutting, Oxy-fuel cutting. Our software duplicate the desired   shapes, automatically adjust for the width of the too, insert lead-ins and out, and nests the piece into the smallest possible area. Similar to Plasma cutting, but with the capability of cutting steel up to a foot or more thick, is oxy-fuel cutting. We use automatically drill holes in many particular pattern. A single or many pieces can be placed in a jig on a flat surface to locate them and drilled one after the others.

4.  CNC & Laser Process (for prototype sampling and less production).

Today, CNC (computer numerically controlled) shape cutting machines have pretty much replaced pantograph machines and the more sophisticated, but still obsolete, optically guided units.  Yet, the cost of conventional CNC sampling equipment has been prohibitively high for the average fabricator. However, over 90% of our customer had chosen either CNC or Laser finish for their 1st prototype or sample needs. Either CNC or Laser may be one of the fastest way for customers to evaluate the similarities of their product before turning into mess product. 


IV. Tooling/ Mess Productionline 

Since Xiertek installed its first tooling in 1980, we have continued to set the industry standard for precision, quality and customer satisfaction. We hold tolerances to industry standards and take the lead in both domestic and international management systems.  We provide a full range of support manufacturing services.  So called “ Tooling” includes die re-sharpening/rework, and progressive production of your products, as well as the production capacity for many other machine and equipment parts and customer stocking programs. Whether you require a completely new product line or one constructed from existing renovated equipment and then retooled. Xiertek engineers and technicians are ready to develop your new product from start to turn-key operation. We also offer overhauling and retooling of customer machinery. This total project management capability provides you, the customer, with a single source for all of the critical factors including engineering, design, equipment. procurement, construction, installation, training and follow up support.  


V. Products & Materials

We serve a wide variety of industrial products in big five fields. Including, Computer, Electronic, Industrial, Mechanical, and Automotive.   See below for some products we’ve been done in the past. 

1. Here’s few examples of Materials we commonly work with:

  • Aluminum (up to all material thickness)
  • Cold Rolled Steel (up to all material thickness)
  • Stainless Steel (up to all material thickness)
  • Galvaneal & Galvinized CRS (up to all material thickness)
  • Copper (up to all material thickness)
  • Iron. (up to all material thickness)
  • Steel (up to all material thickness)
  • Bronze (up to all material thickness)
  • Brass (up to all material thickness)
  • Tin Plate (up to all material thickness)
  • Metal (up to all material thickness)
  • Sheet Metal Enclosures & Assemblies
  • Steel Enclosure & Assemblies
  • Copper Enclosure & Assemblies
  • Powder Metal Assemblies
  • Racks Mount
  • Sheet Metal Brackets
  • Mounting
  • Frames (Monitor, LCD,TV,CCTV )
  • Loader Cylinder
  • Panels
  • Spring (Gas Spring & Damper)
  • Steering Columns
  • Shock Absorbers & Struts
  • Roller, Stiffener, Funnel
  • Exhaust Components
  • Hydraulic Curing Press
  • Fuel Rails & injection components
  • Bushing, 
  • Rings
  • Slide Wheel, Rail
  • Tie Rods
  • Loader Paddle Mounting Car
  • Power Mold Adjust Gearing Block
  • Mechanical Frame applications Line
  • Pin,Wire Harness.
  • Shaft Tubing Stabilizer and Tie Rod Tubes
  • Frame(Arm support, Flux, Conveyor)
  • Chassis
  • Stand, Nut, Tube, Clip, Kit, Screw
  • Housing shield (for Telephone, Answering machine, Fax machine)
  • Rackmount ( hub, switch, router, Cable modem)
  • Housing for (Router, Hub, Switch, Modem, ADSL Cable Modem, DVD player, Power Supply)
  • Valves (Air, Water, Butterfly, Oil, Ball and other kinds of valves)
  • SMT Connectors
  • Bracket (VGA, Audio, Fax Modem, Ethernet) of all kind computer components
  • Wire/Wireless Networking products (PCMCIA Cards, Rubber Antenna)
  • Battery (Spring, holder, cover barrel insert)
  • Stripping Arms
  • Shielding (Top, Bottom, Heat, Cold)

VI. Stress Relieving

Xiertek Industrial Group® is an ISO-9001 and ISO 14001 Certified company. Since mid of 80th, the family owned business supplies all kinds of popular materials to a variety fields, such as, computer, electronic, industries, automotive, appliance, agriculture, construction, and recreation. XiertekInd, Group located in 3 oversea regions including Taiwan, China and USA.   Xiertek has the capabilities and skilled employees you need for dependable, high quality products at any demand you are looking for.

If your requirements fit into any of this category as above,  please contact us immediatelly by calling, faxing or mail us your blueprint for quotation. We'd very much appreciate the opportunity to become one of your business partners. Thank you!

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